Privacy Statement

Science Consultants, Ltd. has active the loans contracts with over 200 clients globally. Our network of contacts in the Life Sciences and the list of executives and scientists who we have placed is extensive and exclusive.

Our candidate’s know payday loans in charlotte nc that their search initiatives will be held in the closest confidence and that inquiries will be handled discretely and at the highest levels.  Resumes are never shared without the candidate’s explicit permission.

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Our clients know that their requirements will be handled effectively and with agility,decorum and regular, effective communication.

All company and personal documents and information are treated with the greatest care.  We online approval loans regularly execute Confidentiality Agreements and Non-Disclosure Agreements whenever dealing with sensitive information or situations.


We are an old school company that has built business by being effective and by earning the local cash advance trust of our clients and candidates.


We do not publish an open list of our client companies.  However, we will be glad to supply your company with references from some of our select clients.