“Technology, money, facilities, inventory lines of credit with bad credit and infrastructure languish as mere potential without the right people. In the final analysis, the only real resource is the human one. It is crucial that organizations recognize this and adopt effective methods to address the recruitment priority.”

There exists a widely-held notion that because HR manages hiring processes, that they also own the responsibility of creating internal teams.  Most of the time, it’s just not true.  In the odd organization where that is the explicit modus, it’s a bad idea.  Recruitment, which is the first and most critical step in team-building is not the same thing as hiring.   If recruitment isn’t happening at the team-leader level, it’s not just bad recruiting, it’s dysfunction.

How we do Business




Step 1:

Science Consultants learns about your organization.  We question your perceived needs and assumptions.

We learn the features and benefits of   working for your company.We establish a timeline.
Step 2:     We learn your view of the target profile.  We test the profile with those who have input/decision making responsibility,thereby ensuring organizational alignment.
Step 3:  Identify online loan reviews and help you create an effective interview process
  • Who will handle the initial phone screen?
  • Who will be involved in the face to face interviews and in what manner?
  • What metrics will you use in the interview process?
  • Are the methods internally consistent?
  • How soon after interviews will your team converge to make a decision?

Step 4:   Science Consultants, Ltd. identifies potential candidates in our network

Step 5:   We present the opportunity to those candidates while representing your company in the best possible light.  Science Consultants’ candidates are interviewed against your profile for broad skill matches.  This is usually requires two interviews.  If our standards are met, we will recommend the candidate, who will be fully prepared and motivated to speak with your hiring manager.


Step 6:   You interview our recommended candidates and “sell” them on your organization. This is typically done by telephone if the candidate is not local.


Step 7:   Feedback and Evaluation: within 24 hours we evaluate the results of the initial interview. You make a go/no-go decision to continue with or remove the candidate from your process.


Step 8:   Third round interviews. Candidates are invited to your offices for face-to-face interviews with your full team, who will interview and easy approval loans for bad credit grade the candidate based on a set of written metrics. Candidates advancing past this round undergo background and reference checks.  We can help you to develop effective metrics that will allow your team to find consensus

Step 9: Decision makers evaluate the candidate. The results are shared with Science Consultants.   You make a go/no-go decision within 48 hours.


Step 10: Follow up interviews and evaluations are scheduled as needed.

Your company undertakes its own, counter-reference checks.


Step 11:    Science Consultants advises as your organization develops  an offer for the candidate.

Step 12:   Science Consultants pre-closes the candidate to your offer. That is, when the telephone call is made to make the offer, the candidate  will have already accepted the terms of your offer, in principal.  Science Consultants acts as a mediator for all discussions surrounding the offer, thereby avoiding any last minute red flags or negotiation discomfort for both parties.

Step 13: Formal letter of offer is consummated.

This is an intensive process that requires a significant commitment of your company’s time. However, we can ease the burden of your decision by ensuring that the process you employ will yield the best possible results and that the pool of candidates from which you choose will be of the highest caliber.